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103rd Derby Scouts and 1st Chellaston Guides

For children aged 10½-14 years   

Scout Leader: Moira Tildsley

Assistant Leaders:

Hayley-Dawn Ho, Paul Grounsell

and Kris Thomson

Young Leader: Taz Ho

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Global Challenge

The Chellaston Scout troop was resurrected in 2003 after being closed for a number of years. Since our initial group of seven Scouts, the troop’s numbers are in excess of twenty.

During the last year our troop has taken part in a 103rd group camp at Needwood. It was an extemely wet weekend but as always the programme remained the same, just wetter!!

We lent a helping hand by directing the traffic at the Hucknall airfield 'classic wings and wheels.' A majority of Scouts successfully took part on our Global Challenge, working towards the Bronze Footprint Award by taking part in a range of activities to promote global awareness.

July brought another wet camp for our Patrol and Assistant Patrol Leaders. The 8 Scouts travelled by foot and bus to and from Drum Hill for an overnight stay. See the details of their route.

Please note that with increasing interest in scouting, it has become necessary to compile a waiting list of those wishing to join.

Moira, Sue & Doug.

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